How Much Can a Pearl Necklace Cost?

Well, a necklace of real slightly round freshwater cultured pearls can cost only $15.00, but a necklace made of South Sea pearls with fantastic record dimensions that go from 16mm to 20mm can be sold at Sotheby’s for incredible $2,310,000.00. One can purchase a necklace made of perfect round lavender freshwater cultured pearls for $10,000.00 or more but at the same time, paying $100.00 for a necklace made of irregular, pitted, milky South Sea cultured pearls can be too much. So how can we know the real price of a pearl necklace?
Before purchasing pearls one should know the answer to this question, which is not hard to find.


South-sea pearl necklace

South-sea pearl necklace


Experts say that “luster” is the most important characteristic to have in mind when purchasing pearls. We should purchase the pearl with the best luster instead of looking for perfect roundness because the higher the luster the better is the pearl.

Luster doesn’t only mean shiny. It means the glow that comes from light reflecting off of the several layers of nacre which is what forms the pearl.

A good quality pearl has radiant luster. It also means a pearl that will last longer because the thicker is the nacre of the pearl, the higher the luster and the longer is the duration of the pearl. A pearl that has thin nacre fades quickly and can get easily peeled or chipped.
So 70% of the valuation of a pearl go to luster. The other 30% are based on shape. Pearls can have several shapes. They can be rice-shaped or perfectly round. The last one is a very rare shape, so a perfectly round pearl costs a lot. Sometimes roundness is not very important as many freshwater pearls are not round but have incredible luster.


"top quality"  fresh water natural color

"top quality" fresh water natural color

Another characteristic to have in mind is color. But its importance when evaluating a pearl is subjective as color is based on trend and taste. Besides it depends on the type of pearl.
In short, all these characteristics are important when examining a pearl. So after a little research, one can be aware of the real price of a pearl necklace.


13 Responses to “How Much Can a Pearl Necklace Cost?”

  1. nima says:

    hi,i have a few pearls that have very good orient or rainbow hues when viewed under diff lights.sizes are 9-14mm.i have been told they are chinese fresh water pearls.i thought orient was exclusive of salt water pearls.do fresh water pearls also have orient.please let me tell you the orient is very good and is visible clearly.

    • Adriano says:

      Hi there, first of all thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog.
      About your answer, I can surely confirm that fresh water pearls too can have rainbow and in some case very nice and strong! When we talk about orient I can say that this definition is more appropriate for sea water pearls and in special regard of Japanese Akoya. Please check the orient definition in my blog glossary.

  2. L says:

    Hi, I was givin a pearl necklace and bracelet combo after a death in the family. After reading your page I felt that I really would like to send you some pictures to you. Would that be ok ? just want to be reassured that these are the real deal and also if you could maybe put a value on the set? Even if its just a guess, your knowledge in this area seems pretty extensive and would be pretty close on spot. Ill look forward to your email and then ill send you some pictures.

    • Adriano says:

      Hi, you can surely send the pictures to adriano@adrianogenisi.com. I can probably say if the pearls are fake or real (cultivated or natural) but I’m sure I won’t be able to give a value as a correct evaluation need always to have the pearls in presence. Best, Adriano

  3. robert says:

    I have a pearl necklace that I would love to sell but need help figuring out what kind of pearls they are

  4. robert says:

    May I send you a picture?

  5. Darian says:

    Hi! my great aunt gave me a pear necklace a while ago and while I’m pretty sure they’re real i’d love it if someone could verify that for me. You really seem to know your stuff and i was wondering if i sent you a picture maybe you could help me out? If they are real i’d also appreciate it if you could tell me what type they are, i think they’re freshwater but I’m not certain…

    • Adriano says:

      Hi, I’m afraid a picture won’t be sufficient to verify if natural or cultured! Anyhow, feel free to send it. I’ll be happy to take a look at it and if possible try to guess what type of pearls are.

  6. pau says:

    can i send you a picture of a pearl and identify how much it is?

    • Adriano says:

      Hi, I’m afraid a picture won’t be sufficient to verify if natural or cultured! Anyhow, feel free to send it. I’ll be happy to take a look at it and if possible try to guess what type of pearls are.

  7. Great info about Pearl Necklace in your blog………

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